Intro – We have a great team in our Finance vertical, with both depth and good breadth in every aspect of our work. We follow a simple hierarchy in the team structure, and never allow one analyst to work for two existing clients. This essentially provides our clients with a customized team for each. Further, this develops client specific capacities in individual analysts dedicated to working with a single client.

Team Overview – Our team has a strong technical background. Many of our analysts have studied in the US, EU etc, and know those markets firsthand. Many are from the top b-schools in India, where it is usual to not only teach International Finance, but also offer students overseas exchange programs so they learn about different systems firsthand. Our team also has native English speaking editors for producing high quality work. Besides, we have CFAs, PMPs, people with engineering+management backgrounds, people with math+finance background etc; in sum, a very eclectic team.

Recruitment Policy – We follow stringent quality control measures during and after recruitment. We recruit only from the top places. But thats hardly all; we test each candidate’s abilities and interests, choose those that match their abilities with their interests, and then follow through with constant watch-overs to see that each analyst is doing what he or she does best.

Continuing Education – We make it mandatory for every team member to be constantly updated on their subjects of expertise. That includes reading the Wall Street Journal, of course; but it also means studying latest market trends, research and scholarly work,  even SEC reports.


Shaswato “Shas” Dey – Director, read more about him here.


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