We are a B2B business, we do not provide any service to individuals directly. Our services are only provided to client businesses. Our website reflects that principal; we will never produce original content here that conflicts with client interests. This website is not meant to compete with our own clients; it is merely meant to showcase what we do.

Press Releases, Articles and Newsletters - Press releases are posted on newswire and PR websites with a backlink to client’s site. The sole purpose of a press release is to bring potential subscribers to your site. Articles are posted on client’s own site. These are well-researched, exhaustive, often encyclopedic articles produced with active involvement and advice of clients; their purpose is to provide readers with foundational and advanced knowledge about investments. Newsletters are the core competencies of client’s business. These are stocks that are almost always handpicked by clients through their own extensive knowledge of the stock markets. These stocks are then researched, analyzed and written up as prospective “good buys” in newsletters.

Reports and Analysis – These are high-end company valuations, financial modeling and analytic reports produced on major and interesting listed companies. These may often involve primary or high level secondary research.

Currently, we offer the following services:

Global Equity Markets Update- Our analysts provide updates on all the major global equity markets, including emerging markets like Russia, China and Brazil. We can provide content in local languages like Spanish, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Korean etc.

M&A News – Our analysts provide updates on the latest happenings in the M&A market, with a particular focus on deals involving U.S. listed companies.

Equity Research- Our equity research analysts provide an unbiased view on listed companies. Our equity research analysts have extensive sector and regional knowledge. We provide equity research on listed companies in all the major markets of the world.

Economic News and Analysis- Our Economic News and Analysis analysts cover major global economic developments that can impact financial markets. Our analysts also provide their take on the latest economic events.

Trading Ideas- Our analysts provide different trading strategies, using technical and fundamental analysis. Our analysts provide trading ideas across all product areas that include stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities.

Educational Articles- Understanding financial markets can be difficult. Through our educational material, we provide an easier understanding of the complex financial systems. Some of the topics we cover include Portfolio Management, Capital Markets, Derivatives and Hedge Funds.

Financial Modeling- Our team of Corporate Finance Analysts can assist you in valuing companies.

Note – If you want our team to do any work  for you, please get in touch with us. Email Shas at indogeniclegal[at] and we will respond within 24 hours.

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