Finance Writers

finance writerHaving been in this business for the better part of four years, we thought we would spread some “ye listen” about what it takes to become a good finance writer. A finance writer (or financial writer, if you want to be technical) does not have an easy job. Finance writers have to perform the near impossible; just like popular science writers, they have to write about a difficult subject in interesting terms. But where popular science writers have the luxury of time – after all, scientific inventions sometimes take months, years, even centuries – finance writers don’t have time to fine tune their writing. The ticker is ticking away, markets are open, deals are being made and lost, people have to be stopped from jumping off skyscrapers – there just isn’t enough time to fine tune your writing. If you are a finance writers (excuse me, financial writer) what you write is what you are. If you have the humor and the ability to say hard things in easy words, and say it quickly and without repeating yourself, you are a good, even great financial writer. If not, you are a poor finance copywriter creating stock reports no one will ever actually read.

A good finance writer must remember to write for the audience, and not for a search engine. The former is long term, live giving, fresh and real; writing for search engines is only worth an hour and does not make you great. Your audience, on the other hand, will come back to you again and again and remember you – after all, your advice is making them money – if you write well and lucidly.

A good finance writer must have thorough knowledge of the market, and be a good investor themselves. They must be able to identify potential in stocks, parse rumors from facts, read through management cliches, and be generally able to have a good overview of the market. In depth knowledge of technical and fundamental analysis is also essential; in effect, you need to be a master of the subject before you can begin writing well.

Lastly, if you want to excel at financial writing, you must have good command over the language you are writing in. Unless you do, unless you are basically a good writer, don’t expect to make your finance writing interesting.

So, do you think you are a good financial writer? Is your writing interesting, fun to read, and information oriented at the same time? If you are, apply with us; we are always in need for good finance writers.

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