Clients from around the world, including the US, the UK, Brazil and Japan. Work done in various languages besides English, using analysts who are native speakers of these languages.

No Conflict of Interest – Using a model popular in the sourcing industry, we never let one analyst work for multiple clients at the same time. This precludes using same or similar work product for multiple clients, and lets us seamlessly manage work from competing clients.

The key to competition is maintained in two ways. In the first, the differentiators are created by the active involvement of the client. Our work product is not merely the same kind of work produced by similarly trained analysts. Each client actively gets involved in the work, picks stocks, edits content – we insist on this – and this produces content that is unique to each client. Secondly, analysts work for single clients only. Depending on the training provided by clients in the specifics of what they need, analysts develop content that is uniquely different for each client. In effect, this means that you have your own, private, dedicated analysts here; we simply manage the whole thing.

Communication: Most clients liaison with us over VoIP or Skype. Telephone calls also occur; emails, of course, are there too. We have multiple redundancies in place to see to it that infrastructure failure does not preclude us from communicating with you or delivering work on time. You will appreciate that working in multiple time zones necessitates that level of on-time communication and work delivery.

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